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AAS Cammo Low Rider Pants

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AAS Cammo Low Rider Pants

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Some more Super Duper Low Riders in camouflage for your slutzy sims ❤️....

  • Base game compatible     
  • 4 Swatches
  • All Occult's enabled
  • Randoms disabled      





Judith from All About Style for the original pants that I completely mangled to my own personal sluttiness. If there are any problems with the texture that's not me, all I did was pull pants a lot lower and recolor  :P

Hair is Maxis, which I am about to recolor because I hate that there are no platinum colors

Eye shadow by me, can find them in my downloads under "Angelic Breeze"

Neck, face and crotch tattoos by me, not available for download unless requested 

Skin by Remussirion from TSR RS-15 Skins

Tops edited and recolored by me, links below..





***Check out my tumblr for upcoming cc. I mainly stick with maxis but throw in some  Risi touches here and there so usually I do a lot of mix n match cc. 


My tumblr, could use some followers on there: https://risiera.tumblr.com/


Just made a Blogger account, here is my link: https://risiera.blogspot.com/




Come support me over there or stop by for a chit chat :D


If you have any problems please let me know so I can fix....xox





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