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Enemy Agression Overhaul

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I was wondering if there is any mod for Skyrim LE or SE that changes the Kill on sight behaviour of certain enemys. for example if the Player currently doesnt have a weapon drawn or does not look dangerous in other ways (being in beast form or using magic etc.) certain enemys like Bandits could forcegreed you like guards do and trigger some robbery dialogue (or sexlab defeat dialogue)instead of spamming arrows and fireballs at you. 


The reason i want this mod is because i installed alot of difficulty and realism mods that Change Damage values and reaction times of enemys. Getting instakilled by a Bandit with a bow even tho im completely helpless and unarmed doesnt feel Right especially since i have sexlab defeat and simple slavery installed.


i still like the faster and more deadly Combat but im just sick of getting shot while running towards an enemy while spamming the SL defeat surrender button


i dont really know what to search for so any Kind of mod that could help with this Situation would be helpfull.

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