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Was wondering if anybody could give me any ideas how to fix this.  Never had this problem before.  Just started fresh install.  Can launch the game and play just fine, but if I exit to go do something else and then come back restart the game, it crashes.  Reboot computer it runs fine.  Anytime I quit to desktop and then try to restart, I have to reboot computer to get it to run.  Also if I reload too many times, game crashes and have to reboot computer to get it to run again.

loadorder.txt DxDiag.txt

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Can you launch the game via steam and then restart from desktop without using MO2?

If no you may need to validate integrity of your FO4 game in Steam.  Sometimes files go missing or become corrupted.

Right Click Game in steam.  Go to properties and click local files tab.  Select verify integrity of game files.  

Can you run other games like Skyrim or is FO4 the only problem.  Has it ever run on this machine ok before?  You say you did a fresh install just wondering if you reinstalled Steam or something.


Ideas with MO2 look at the game revision sensitive mods first like F4SE, Looksmenu, Unofficial FO4 Patch, CBP Physics, Armor Keywords, Settlement Keywords, AAF, Armorsmith Extended, MCM.  I have game version and F4SE with MO2 version 2.2.1.  When I do a fresh start of a game I always update MO2, check game version and load above mods compatible with that version.  I have had old physics files like CBP crash a game because they were the old version.



Sorry to be long.  Can be more specific when I know more.

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No, no problems with other games.  And FO4 Ran fine last week, Problem actually started after I made a new profile in MO2 and added Fusion City, Outcasts & Remnants, Project Valkyrie & Sim Settlements Conquerors.  I could disable those one at a time and see if one of them is honestly creating the problem.  Kind of just wondering if anybody could see anything drastic (standing out) with the load order.  Also wondering if having all 3 of those major quest mods plus all the Sim City's might just be too intensive.  And I can play FO4 just fine for hours, only happens when I exit and try to restart game that I have to reboot computer.


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I have used all those mods together except Sim Settlements and that particular profile in MO2 worked fine.  You probably have tried to disable mods you thought maybe were an issue already.  You may need to disable all visible mods and start enabling a little at a time.  I usually start with the base mods first and try to get my body and character stuff first.  Hair, eye brows, eyes and other beauty mods are usually not an issue.  Body texture is not an issue as long as you match the face with a compatible texture.  Bodyslide, CBBE, Looksmenu, Unofficial FO4 Patch and any other mod to create a character are what I install first.  You may need several sacrificial characters until you get the game working.  You should start with a new character.  I  sometimes wish there was a test dummy character mod to use for testing your game until it is stable.  Hopefully your game is stable with the few mods enabled above.  If it is not you may reconsider reinstalling the game.  It is usually best not to install games in the default Steam directory or Programs directory.  Use something like C:/Games/steamapps/common/Fallout 4.  For Mod Organizer I use C:\Mod Organizer\FO4 or \Skyrim or Fallout NV, etc.  Also run things like Fallout4.exe, Fallout4Launcher.exe, and f4se_loader.exe as administrator.  Launch the game within MO2 via f4se_loader.exe.  You may know that already but just in case.  The point is ensure Steam is good.  Ensure FO4 install is good.  Ensure F4SE and all mods you install are up to date with the game version of FO4 you are using.  Get the game running stable and start enabling mods a few at a time.  If game loads fine, you install some more mods and then it crashes then go back and find the issue with those last few mods before proceeding.  Don't ever get a bunch of mods and enable like a hundred or more and jump into the game.  Unless you are repeating a know load order with tried and proven mods probably not a good idea.  I know this is frustrating and tedious.  Eventually your game should be stable.  Try not to load too many script dependent games or high resolution texture mods.  Mods that modify places like Good Neighbor may also cause CTD's or lags in frame rate.  The good thing with MO2 is you can create multiple profiles with different mods.  Maybe one that looks pretty.  One with extra encounters, creatures, etc.  One with sex mods.  I have a profile called stable.  It is my core base mods that I know work.  You can copy a profile folder in Mod Organizer/FO4/Profiles and paste, then rename to another profile.  You can then start up MO2 and select this new profile and add or subtract to it without screwing up the original profile.  I do this all the time as I can start with a stable base and maybe vary the new profile a little.  I think I spend more time messing with mods than playing the game.  Sad but true.  Stay with it.  You will get it eventually.

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