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Sitting animation FNV

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I am/was tired of the same unattractive female sitting idle/animation. They all have a posture like they are about to pee themselves. So I looked (a lot) for a sexier posture, something like legs crossed. Finally I found it here (it's part of the pack - according to the pictures in description) https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/15666 (Modern Combat Pistol Shooting).


I took "chairfemalesittinga.kf" from pack, I placed it in ../data/meshes/character/_male/idleanims  ... and nothing. NPCs and PC are still using the same vanilla sitting pose.


Is there something else I was supposed to do?

Thanks in advance.

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13 hours ago, A.J. said:

Eventually, you could try to copy / paste the file on the same folder, so that you'll have a copy of it, and rename the copy to ChairSkirtSitA.kf , it's the only idea that comes to my mind for now.

Thank you for your reply, and the solution. It worked.


... of course, now after I have it working, I started to see imperfections in the pose... Like there is too much space between knee and the leg, the cross-legs action is too fast and not gracious enough. I know, I'm a pain. Guess I'll have to learn how to animate if I want something better.






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4 hours ago, A.J. said:

Can't see the picture. Anyway no problem, I guess there's not much to do if the animation doesn't play well except than modifying it :( good luck if you'll take that path, animators are always a bless

Yeah, uploaded a wrong ss, and you responded as I was changing it.

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I can see the space now. That wouldn't be hard to correct, it's probably harder to set everything working properly :D

But the speed of the cross leg action probably isn't so easy: if it's part of the animation, then it's easy, but I have a feeling that it's not part of the animation. I think (but I could be wrong of course) that the movement is made on its own, from the common sitting pose to the cross legged, it's the game engine causing an interpolation between two different animations. If it's so, maybe changing a single parameter (blend) in nifskope could result in a good result, but it's more likely that you should make some real work on Blender with the animation itself, or create a new dynamic animation when you sit down. I mean, if that's what you want to do, I'll explain better and step by step, but it's not super easy.

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Like I mentioned in another post, I'm installing Blender, Nifskope and the required programs as I post this. (Because I also need a pair of elegant shoes and apparently all the moders are doing Oblivion, Skyrim or Failure 4).


Boy, from what I saw in screenshots and a tutorial, blender is almost as hostile and evil as 3dsmax :))


Thank you - again - for the help (you helped me some time ago to set a variable).

... But I'll get back crying for more help if I get stuck in blender.



Edit. Maybe learning those will help me to finally figure why most of the animations for Wicked Whims are amazing and Sexout having only a couple good, some decent and the rest meh.

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well, imho, some animations are nice and some are (less nice) in all the games. I can tell you that the avaiable tools for NV didn't help a lot, they're pretty complicated, and also there was always quite fewer modders compared to (let's say) skyrim, so less animators. And, to not underevaluate, very little documentation on how to make things properly. Look at scripting, wherever you go you find scripters willing to help you and guides and documentation, can you say the same about animations? that says a lot :(


Anyway, give me a holler if you have troubles, especially with animations it's a pain to make things work properly, so let's see if I can help you

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Yeah, I'm stumped even before I started. 


So I took a pair of shoes - the black ones - from this pack (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/89613) and I tried to import them in blender (to port them in FNV - export at obj then open with nifskope). I can open any nif file from New Vegas just fine. The Skyrim nif's are all giving me an error about a string too long. Do I need Skyrim installed or skeletonfullFemale_1.nif in order to work with them?



Also... you were right. There is no actual animation in the kf file.

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I think the problem is you need to change the nif properly, to port it in NV, to work it with Blender etc. I'm a bit in a hurry so I'll write short, but probably google can help you in this. You can change these parameters via nifskope before importing, there are two things to do:

- Change the headers, there's two version numbers to change, if you compare a NV and a Skyrim nif you should see them

- Change the structure, check the textures in nifskope, you'll see they are defined in a pretty different way... this should be changed properly (from... uhm... something like Texture Set to something like PPLighting etc.)

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