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Milklite's CC (Updated 1/11/19)

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Milklite's CC

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I'm slowly learning how to make CC so I figured I'd share my creations as I make them.

Feel free to make recolours of any of the stuff here- just make sure you don't included the mesh and link back to me.

Also, I'm always up for suggestions on what to make as well as feedback on my stuff so please don't hesitate to post!


Anyway, here is what's currently available.


Structured Bustier



Comes in 4 colours + 2 nsfw options


Sexy Witch Outfit



Includes dress, stockings, and hat. 5 swatches + nsfw options






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Happy Hallowe- what do you mean I'm late?

Anyway here's a new update with my first attempt creating a mesh from scratch.

It's a sexy witch costume including a hat, dress and stockings. Has five swatches + five additional NSFW swatches. The hat works with most hairstyles although some clipping may occur on 'poofier' styles.





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Out of curiosity, would you ever consider doing a redo of the sheer top that came with Get Famous (but without the bra underneath), or the sheer top that came with City Living (but without the pockets covering the boobs, lol) Always looking for CC that's "maxis match" but not really since it's much more adult, lol.

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