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Prude Sims w/ Reactions...

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Is there any way a Modder would be up for the challenge of creating a play on the Chemistry mod by thepancake1 or the Triplis-LoveAndHate mod where instead of these basic likes and dislikes can there be a way that sims react negatively when they see female and male sims wearing revealing clothes like short skirts, dresses, or tank tops? 


I want the sim with this prude mentality to be judgmental and rude to sims that wear these clothes even if they are friends/family so that the relationship frequently gets tested. :)


I'd like there to be an accompanying trait that is not a prude but is "modest" these sims dress the way a prude sim likes, but is more accepting of other sims styles and will try to calm or convince the prude to be understanding or ask them why they are always so rude to other sims.

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