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Well, I haven't touched the Skyrim creation kit, and the last thing similar to it that I used was the Fallout 3 GECK




You should be able to, in order;


1. Start up the creation kit and load up Skyrim.esm (And the .esp of that armor mod IF it has an ESP)

2. go to your armor section, and find the dragonplate cuirass/torso. It shouldn't be too hard. I'm sure they're not that hard to figure out.

3. Right click the dragonplate chest, click 'edit'.

4. You'll be presented with a box with a bunch of info. you want to find the 'Biped model.'


Use this for reference; http://gyazo.com/c85a7b63d7f7de300f9274783b220ad5 (Yes, it's FO3, but I don't have it installed nor can I get the CK for Skyrim to work.)


5. Click 'edit' where the biped model is, and select the .nif file for the armor you want. So, for example, your armor appears to be just a torso. It'll probably be called 'torso_0' or 'cuirass_0'.


If this doesn't work, I'll see if I can force my CK to work and figure it out for you. Shouldn't be TOO hard.


Hope I was helpful! <3

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