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Very weird problem in my race menu overlay

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Not sure why this starting happen but certain mods when I download them changes my character.  I usually take the second head option in race menu.  However certain mods when I download them my character starts off bald and racemenu immediately opens up.  When my racemenu opens up I see the my character with the very first haircut number 1 and character options are no longer there, like changing my head options.  The weird thing is cbbe morphs and body scales are still there but, the options to pick your head style, ear style, change your eye size etc are all gone.  I have to go disable the mod and for it to come back as before (racemenu features).  What gets me the most its mods that I would think have no affect on this, like certain  clothing mods (kgirls) apropras (which used to not affect this).  Any help would be greatly appreciative.  I was really stoked for the Kgirls clothing mod.




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