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[HELP] Sexlab+defeat glitch?

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Okay.  So first off, I had a corrupt save game.  For which despite using a clean save I just opted to wipe the save from the HD an restart with a clean new game.    

Now the issue at hand.  Following the standard protocol for reloading sexlab, zaz, slal loader, re-registering animations to SL.  Install defeat, reconfigure, check compatible mods.  Now what has happened that is different from the previous times (even older builds prior to the corrupt save issue of recent)  When my character is in a sex scene from initiation through defeat.  I could pull up a menu for the various available animation sets by using the )0 key.  What has changed now, is everytime I use that key, it brings up the toolset functions for defeat.  Changing the default keys in both MCMs to different keys no longer brings up the drop menu selection.  An simply moves up or down the listing of animation sets. 

  So.. for example if I have 15 animation sets for M F, it just shuffles forward or backward in sequence of order for the sets (absolutely annoying if I have 30-50+ sets for 1 on 1).  

How can I recover the key function to bring up the drop down menu?
Is it related to SKYUI .swf menu thing? (currently those no longer function as intended for me, the map always errored, but now it's every menu in that list)
Does it require a reinstall of SLFramework? or a new patch?  (Currently using 1.63)

Has anyone encountered this before?  If so was their a fix, or solution to remedy the bug?

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