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always picks same animation

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Have a weird issue I have never seen before. I have tried this with two mods that kick off animations(Follow me for sex and sex lab eager NPCs).


When ever I kick off an animation it is always the same one. I know I have a ton loaded but it always will stick to the same one. So say, I use follow me for sex and say lets have vaginal sex it is always the same animation. I can then create a new character and it sticks also on that animation for that combination just another one is chosen to stick on. If I was to chose follow me for sex then anal it would pick an appropriate animation but stick on that one every time I use that initiation combo also.


Another odd behavior is when I see the animation pop up that is being played two actually are listed but the first one is the one played. The first to pop up is always the chosen animation and displays the static behavior but the second actually changes.


Really thinking about removing all the mods and re-installing actually but will see....


Any ideas???



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