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Party Glitz Eye Shadow (Now Base Game Compatible)

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Party Glitz Eye Shadow (Now Base Game Compatible)

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Added  a new picture.... ❤️ 


Over 10 shades of eye shadows with some shine







2 versions, 1 Base Game Compatible, see change logs, and the previous version for Luxury Party Stuff only(The file that says Ritz Glitz is for Luxury Party Stuff, do not dl that version if you do not have the stuff pack. Please dl the file that contains the words "Base Game" if you do not have the Luxury Party Stuff..



Pictures are taken in CAS with Sweetfx 


18 swatches, and you do need Party Luxury Stuff Pack to use this as it is an edit. I can make it available for base game if enough of you request it ❤️   Now available for base game.

Note, some TIT skins don't play nice with this in base game mode even after I set composition to 0 to be able to use with skin overlays .. Luxury party is fine, no problems so far...


Note: I did set the composition method to 0, so the make up will be visible over custom skin overlays because I hate when I dl some make-up and go to put it on in cas only to find the creator did not set the composition to 0, so then I spend the night in s4studio changing make-up comps for blusher, lipsticks and blusher....bahhhh!


Randoms disabled

All occults enabled

Color swatches enabled



Anyway, thank you and have a wicked weekend my darlings?




None due since it is an edit of a boring eye shadow that needed perking up


I did use TIT Lorna skin which I edited myself for personal use, I love her skins




***Check out my tumblr for upcoming cc, or just to say hi or chit chat. I just restarted it after years of letting it sit barren....

I mainly stick with maxis but throw in some  Risi touches here and there so usually I do a lot of mix n match cc. I do plan on uploading a butt load of Sims 2 cc when I install Sims 2 again because I have outfits that I want to convert to Sims 4. Still trying to get a handle on Blender because it hates me :O





Quick slideshow of majority of colors, 18 total but the ones that are not showing are purple,pinks,red, green, steel, platinum and some blues. Check the pics at the top for more colors





Follow me and I will follow you back xox










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