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Angelic Breeze

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Angelic Breeze

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Angelic Breeze, Named by my Daughter. Thank you child of my loins xox

Super happy about how these eye shadows turned out. Hand drawn by my 15 year old daughter on her sketch pad and edited in paint net by me, thank god for Pyrochilds plug ins :)


Pictures are taken in CAS with Sweetfx and without, obviously you can tell by the side by side pics.


Included are 20 swatches, now showing all 20 instead of the 8 I had earlier in the pictures because I am supposed to be spending my anniversary with the husband today but keep getting distracted. But they are pretty colours, you can always go into s4studio and delete the ones you do not want. I do that all the time to save space. I wıll add pıcs to show them wıth eye lashes because I took pıcs wıthout them so the awful maxıs crappy eyelıner ıs showıng ? Added


All I really did was tweak and pull and shape the sketch my daughter made for me and used a base game eye shadow and face template and did my lil Frankenstein thing, all credit goes to my daughter, Doodle Bugs ❤️ 

Some are Matte and some are shinier, I just tweaked and prodded to get some extra shininess as I was experimenting so they start off Matte and further into the swatches it gets shinier. I think I deleted the black eye shadow because I didn't like the way it looked but if it is still in there then just go to s4studio and delete it if you want...


Note: I did set the composition method to 0, so the make up will be visible over custom skin overlays because I hate when I dl some make-up and go to put it on in cas only to find the creator did not set the composition to 0, so then I spend the night in s4studio changing make-up comps for blusher, lipsticks and blusher....bahhhh! Anyway, thank you and have a wicked weekend my darlings?




My lil artsy fartsy daughter, Dominique Sumire xox




***Check out my tumblr for upcoming cc, or just to say hi or chit chat. I just restarted it after years of letting it sit barren....

I mainly stick with maxis but throw in some  Risi touches here and there so usually I do a lot of mix n match cc. I do plan on uploading a butt load of Sims 2 cc when I install Sims 2 again because I have outfits that I want to convert to Sims 4. Still trying to get a handle on Blender because it hates me :O



Follow me and I will follow you back xox


Pictures with Kijiko 3D Lashes




P.S. If anyone knows how to center images on here please let me know because I have a Turkish keyboard and it does not have inserts/brackets :(

nvm I thınk I know how lol....






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