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Merhaba LL citizens. This is my first upload to LL so be nice or I will have to spank chu....(Inserts invisible spank emoji) ?


I did some personal Allure body top outfits for my game. I noticed Sopor is awol and I am not sure of his TOU so if he comes back and wants me to take these down then I will comply. I thought I would share these. I have 4 packages but this is the first file I decided to load, part 4 sheer tops with pvc pants. I love this maxis top and trying to stick with maxis for now because of the low LODs and I have a laggy old laptop. You can try them out or not, no matter. I did have to import the nude top accessory mesh into Sims4Studio to create this. 

I am still a noob with blender and not sure how to make a full body mesh with Sopors nude accessory and adding the nude bottom. If you know how to do this and would like to make a full body mesh that would be awesome. I love this shape but there are no outfits for it. Anyways... for now the full body outfits show up in the tops category until I can figure out the meshing part. But when I decide to make actual tops by themselves obviously they will be in the right place. So bare with me for now...


***Also if you have Slice of Life and you use the drunk buffs it will take your custom skin overlays off. When I was testing the outfits I thought I botched something up but noticed the drunk buff on my sim and took it off and the skin and boob colors were back. So be warned if you use drunk buff with SOL and use this outfit, it isn't the outfit messing up it is the buff removing your skin overlay. Thought I would share that tit bit with you ?


I have other outfits and I will upload them if anyone shows interest in this upload. 



Sopor for the amazing boobs


Sims2Graveyard for the pants because I converted a lot of clothes from there when I created for Sims 2 on Backalleysims and I still have outfits from sims 2 in my external. I kind of destroyed the pants by making them very very low riders, so umm yes ur sims butt cracks will show, alot! :P


Maxis for the top, it is from the Vampire pack, I just edited it for different colors and to make the top more sheer to show these wonderful boobs. 


TIT because I used the Lorna skin for the pictures but default skin is ok but Remusirion skin overlays look awesome with this too.


***Check out my tumblr for upcoming cc. I mainly stick with maxis but throw in some  Risi touches here and there so usually I do a lot of mix n match cc. 


My tumblr, could use some followers on there: https://risiera.tumblr.com/


Just made a Blogger account, here is my link: https://risiera.blogspot.com/



I would love to see your sims in this, so please share on here or on my tumblr page. I have decided to get back into creating but a bit rusty, so forgive my crappy graphics for now. I will probably mainly just end up converting maxis tops over to the Allure shape because I hate when my sims wear maxis clothes that they lose that sexy breast shape. So I am doing it for personal use..But tops because I don't know how to combine the nude top and nude bottom yet. If you are ok with full body outfits in the tops category then I will keep crunching out more outfits. Thanks for reading..








P.P.S. If you have any problems please let me know, I don't bite...much ;)


This is base game so no need for any packs or eps etc etc 

But if you like I can redo the outfit with just the top without the pants. Actually I guess I will just do this as a top without pants tomorrow. Look for the file tomorrow, I will add "Top without pants option" ;) 


****Sheer tops have been added today 10-20-2019 without the pants(The tops are from the Vampire Pack but re-edited for more contrast and coloring), I have also uploaded my PVC Pants in a separate package that were in the original file, 9 swatches included in the PVC Pants Package, they are my personal stash but a lot of them match the sheer tops. 



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1 hour ago, PZANIM said:

Awesome :D I'll try it later. Good job! ;3

Aww thank you Pzanim, my cc isn't the best. I am used to creating with sims 2 but I like this outfit in my game and I love the Allure boob shape but was getting tired of just swimsuit, tank top etc lol I will probably end up doing a maxis top overhaul in the next few weeks. I haven't mastered combining nude mesh top with a nude mesh bottom yet. But I will upload this package again with a "without pants option" that will be a top only mesh. But I did try using this mesh on regular solid tops and it looked to weird and looks soooo much better on sheer tops. Can't resist some pokey out nipples haha :P

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1 hour ago, fhtshop said:

Many thanks for sharing your work.

You're welcome darling. I didn't do much besides importing Sopor's mesh into s4studio and creating a new mesh from it to allow recoloring etc then playing around with tops and pants lol... Please feel free to follow me on tumblr, I just restarted it now that I decided to get back into creating cc and don't have many followers so it would be nice to have some on there. Look out for more outfits tomorrow. I will upload the other 2 sets then focus on just working on doing tops for Allure. I just happened to make these for my own personal use and decided to share them since I know a lot of people loved the Allure shape but it lacks clothing. Thanks for downloading. Have a fab weekend! xox

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