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Fallout 4 Shaders bug fix (Player turning invisible when hit with poison/energy rays)

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ScreenShot294.png.3cc77ca0163997b73d250552e2da46ec.pngThis is probably old news for some of you but when some outfits have full precision enabled Like 90% of Easygirl outfits for Fallout 4. Shaders break. Player turns invisible, weird effects on screen, bloatfly/bloodbug/mirelurk/robobrain attacks turns you invisible etc. Enemies wearing FP clothes turns them invisible and other screen issues with you crit them. You have to turn FP off on every shape. This mod in the picture is a equipable shaders mod and the author mention it had issues with easygirl stuff. Turn of FP and you're good. Double click each shape in Outfit Studio>geometry tab, uncheck Full Precision. Save project. I also turned it off for the main body.

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