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Stormcloak VS Imperial


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I did a few searches on the Lovers lab skyrim section and didn't find a Stormcloak vs imperial thread so i decided to make one and see peoples thoughts. Sorry if there already is a thread like this.


I Myself always go Stormcloak, I love Ulfric's voice, the Banner, the cause and the whole "Skyrim for the Nords and Freedom" thing very touching. Even though Ulfric is a self absorbed racist i felt that his intentions was good, with the whole Ulfric being captured and tortured by the Thalmor thing kinda starting his racism. Stormcloaks wanting freedom and to be independant from the Empire wins me all the time, I peronally hate any type of Government in real life or Video game, so the whole rebellion is a winner.


Anyway enough of me Blabbering on, What side did you pick and why?.

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They both suck , it's the same stupid fetch quests ( for gods sake its ridiculous,have played both quests ) but at the end imperials are for me not only because most nords are racist bastards but because they dont understand how the empire works, they do what the thalmor ask because everyone would be either dead or a slave to the elves otherwise

Do you want to whorsip a man(talos) and not a god ,ulfrik? then just become a christian :P just kidding dont hate.


SPOILER Not that the dovahkiin is any better asshole goes and kills the freaking emperor (cool guy).

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