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Question Regarding Skyrim Mods & Skyrim SE

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So I just recently started adding mods into my game, my question is specifically about some mods on this site. 


I've noticed a lot of the mods (specifically armor/outfit/follower mods) I'd like to download are just for normal Skyrim, not Skyrim SE. However some of them have "Special Edition Compatible" listed near the file download, so I'm curious if the case is that I can use those in my Skyrim SE just like any other SE mod I install? I was under the assumption that original Skyrim mods wouldn't work SE unless actually ported? Why do some have the Special Edition Compatible listing in them? 


Thanks in advance. 

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Mods that are actually directly transferable between LE and SE are pretty rare, and I think if it's anything to do with meshes what they mean by "compatible" is probably just, "run it through NifOptimizer/Cathedral Assets Optimizer and you're good to go." 


But really, maybe 8/10, for most simple mods with an .esp and some meshes/textures, that's usually what the "porting" process amounts to, now that NifOpt/CAO exist.  Run the mod through NifOptimizer if it's just meshes, CAO if it's meshes and textures, then open-then-save the .esp in Creation Kit.  Occasionally things are more complicated and esoteric, and they have to be worked on by the original author or by other people who know what they're doing, but for most simple mods, that'll do it.  You just have to try it out and see.

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