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Requesting Armor for female with UNPB BBP


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I'm asking if someone could make something sexy but not whorish.


What I mean is the armor would be realistic in protection but sexy.


For example Lustmord Vampire Armor (without the veil and the vampire traits)

post-127000-13597882632113_thumb.jpg I really love the detail on the vampire armor.


R18Pn 01 - Eisen Platte Armor - UNPB BBP still having UNPB BBP.



I have searched far and wide for UNPB BBP armor that's is realistic but sexy and only find cloth and leather.


I'm open to any ideas from any dev that would take this on.

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Guest 1wolffan

I agree. It's be nice to have something along these lines... http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/5564/
But with any of the physics compatabilities (bbp, tbbp, bbpx, etc.)

This mod's armor doesn't always fully cover what you might think it should; if you're going for sultry instead of slutty, that is.

The whole reason I came over to this site over that one is because I was looking for a unpb set of replacer armor as well. I hope you (and by extention all of us) eventually get what we're looking for.

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