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[mod] Half naked ninjia costume mod

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Half naked ninjia costume mod

Thanks for:

Vagonumero13: rdbtool, g1mtools and REDELBE

Ausgeek: 3dmigoto tools for blender

SaafRats nude mod (Partial use)


Game version 1.11; REDELB version 1.3

1. The whole female character Ninja costumes half naked MOD (can be discolored, except Kula), Increased stains and sweat effects.
2. The texture part uses SaafRats, Brianna Smith, HyperBob, (saving a lot of time, avoiding duplication) plus a small part of their own.
3. Kasumi and Ayane C032 are too few models of the Ninja costume soft body, avoiding long-term repairs, and replacing them with other ninja costumes.
4. How to use: After decompressing, copy it to the game root directory, where Momiji and MAI are the default costumes, Kula is the wedding dress, Kasumi classic ninja costume (Bai Miao) is effective, and the rest of the characters are Ninja costumes.
5. Note: This time Momiji can't be used with Phase-4; MAI can't be used with Nyotengu; Kasumi can't be used with Lisa, NICO can't be used with Kula.



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