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Transgender Male Body Parts?

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Ok, I know there's a vagina for male sims. And I appreciate that. But I would absolutely love to make a mesh of a guy who's had genital growth from testosterone. A trans guy's genitals don't look like a cis girl's. Generally the clitoris grows 1-2 inches over the course of hormone therapy. This growth is permanent. It looks like a tiny penis at the top of the labia. I know there's probably not much demand for it, but it would be really cool to be able to make a sim with a body like mine.


I have some skill with Blender but I've never made any Sims CC before, and I wouldn't know where to begin making a new mesh for a body part or working it in with WW. I could maybe do this if I just had help finding the right information. It's also been a while since I've worked with 3d so I'm a little rusty.


If any creators have any resources for me to learn how to do this, I would really appreciate it. I've looked for information and tutorials but there's not really anything specific to making body parts and I don't know what to do. I'd also like to maybe make a post-op metoidioplasty (one type of gender affirming bottom surgery) penis for sims if the T-dick turns out ok. If there's enough interest I'll post the finished products on here. This will be my first-ever piece of CC, and I'd really like for it to turn out well.

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Awk0207, I don't have any resources at hand to help you, but making genitals isn't too different than making any item for the Sims, so a good start is checking out tutorials on making CC. A simple solution for you may be to download a vagina mod, use Sims 4 Studio to export a .blend file from the .package, edit it in Blender to meet your needs, then repackage it with Sims 4 Studio again.

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