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texture problem with elves...


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hello everyone !


if you read some of my previous posts , i play with Lady body

and i'm trying to make fashion mods work with it ( especially war paints )


so when i load Lady Body and a war paint i have this :







this is because lady body doesn't use the vanilla's textures names like cbbe and UNP.


so with TES5edit i looked at and changed some features

and saw this :







as you can see, everything is the same except for :

1) Race name ( in Russian for Lady Body and english for Warpaint mod )

2) Race description ( in Russian for Lady Body and english for Warpaint mod )

3) WNAM - Skin ( SkinNakedLady for Lady Body and SkinNaked for Warpaint )


so i said to myself : why not put SkinNakedlady instead of SkinNaked

like this :


( the line i changed is " WNAM -skin" )





changed it for the warpaint

( so now the warpaint needs ladybody.esp as a master )


this works fine for all races ! YES ! :D





EXCEPT for those Damn elves !! be it wood ( Bosmer ), high (Altmer ) or dark ( Dunmer )... :@

where i still have this :




any idea why ?




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