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Willing to pay for a tickle mod!


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Heya everyone.


So to get straight to the point, I've got this huge tickling fetish.


I saw the 2 threads from generous animators offering animations and I thought of requesting a (few?) tickling ones but it really wouldn't be much use to me as I know nothing about the CK at all.


So that's what this thread is for. Would anyone be willing to make one or more tickling animations and incorporate them into a little mod? Doesn't need to be anything fancy, just an added conversation option and the animation(s) playing after that. Of course I've got nothing against something more fancy but I'd be very happy with just that.


I'm not really familiar with prices for something like this, so just shoot me a PM or something and we can negotiate. Don't worry, I won't expect you to do it for 10€ or something. ;)


Thanks for reading!

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Guest solehunter93

i would love to see this happen 1 that goes with whips and restraints mod would be perfect love sole tickling,and what good is femfeet if you cant tickle them unp beauties lol

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I think this might not be such a bad idea depending on how the animation looks, Maybe just a simple spell that can be cast on an npc and "tickles" them into submission, some form of yield I guess makes me laugh a little thinking about what that might look and how it would fit in the gritty world of skyrim.

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