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Night mother replacer?


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Well I think this one is out of my skill range, involves messing with animations and things like that I haven't worked with before. I thought it was just a static mesh that would only need collision data, but I was wrong. Best I can do for you is give you the one I worked on, which shows up invisible in game. So since I have seen no replacements, the only options I see as of now is to re-texture, leave her as she is or make her completely invisible.

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I could be wrong but isn't the Nightmother and her coffin one big dynamic object? That is to say, I don't think you 'can' change one part of it selectively without replacing the entire thing (even if you 'replace" it with the original materials), I think any override for it has to be "complete" for it to work (or it turns invisible/CTD's the game/etc). I'll have another look at it in the CK...but I don't think changing it is quite that simple.

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