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Dark Brother hood TS edition

Guest Lady Luck

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Guest Lady Luck

can anyone reupload this on mediafire , simple request because i really wanted this armor its awosome looking but unfortunately skyrim nexus so greedy on bandwith they alienated normal members what the fuck?! seriously you capping the bandwith now bullshit




reupload this thanks.


Reupload main files

and the optional files


because this armor man it nailed everything dark brotherhood armor supposed to be like this but crappy design thats not db we know this armor , make db more respected , please reupload this my download got capped damn you nexus!.

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Guest Lady Luck

Yeap that is why i love LL even some of us hate nexus forum at least some of them don't hate the mods neither i am , i just hate the way they manage shit since they threw all the good modders out there this dude here , let alone set of dark brotherhood is a must to get amazing quality what he made i'm gonna retexutre it crimson color all the way heck yes! For az..wait this is not wow FOR SKYRIM!! lol .

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