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Armor/Clothing combination Thread


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Nice thread!

I have one clothing combination that I like very much, here it is:



I'm using:

Amy Corset Black;

Tona Black Muffler;

Tona Gloves;

Tona Waistbag;

Vinyl Stiletto Black;

Wadjet Shorts.




For the wings, I'm using 2 at once:

Wings Red Amu;

Wings Transparent Tail. Equipping the second one gives some black colour to the wings so it suits the black/red colour from the clothes :)


Everything is from Tona's Mod store and Apachii Godess Store, except Amy's Corset from the Amy's clothes pack.

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Here's something I made from the Grey Warden Runic Armor I found on here the other day:




Guess who showed up in Tamriel?









Lost on the way to Ostagar



Must've been their lucky day




Before you ask, no I can't share them. I used the original DA textures. You can make them easy enough if you have the game though.

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