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Oblivion style start


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Not sure if this has been done and not sure how to word it for a search so if there is already a thread for this then by all means please link it to me.


What i'm looking for is a mod that gives you a second chance to edit your character before exiting the Helgen dungeon, like the way Oblivion was when you exit the sewers (minus the class/birthsign options of course). Kinda getting tired of running through Helgen over and over to make a new character, and i'm not keen on the "Skip Helgen" or "Alternate Start" mods as i feel, personally, they take away from the game play, but this is only my opinion as i'm nowhere near a lore friendly person for most games (i use lightsabers and such in my games till i get better weapons). Just looking to not have to start from the games normal first save point, but dont want the game changed drastically, just like a button/switch/lever on the wall/floor near the exit to the Helgen dungeon is all. If not that then maybe a tiny little room with nothing more that a button to send you to the race menu in it, that's placed near the exit or near the shoreline behind the standing stones (over where there is a hunter behind the warrior/mage/thief stones, i say over there as i have a mod called Mary J's hideaway that adds a "room" with a trap door in the bushes in front of those stones).



Also something else i'm looking for is a tutorial and tools list on placing containers in the world and editing their inventory, again not something that i can word properly to find in a search and if there is already a list and tutorial i'd appreciate a point in the right direction as i'm still relatively new to the site and modding these newer games, last game i modded for was star wars knights of the old republic lol.



Thank you all in advance.

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