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probl when use keyboard "F" and consolcommand "tfc"


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:s hi all


i have a probl please help me , when i use "F" my camera change but a few seconds it auto Come Back Original Look .






When i use consolcommand "tfc" or "tfc 1" .... my camera change but a few seconds it auto Come Back Original Look and my character cant attack , zoom in out cammera ...




Thanks everyone

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That's nothing new. The F key controls the camera, you have to hold the "F" key to move the camera around. As soon as you let go the camera will go back to the original position behind the character.


When in "tfc" your movement controls get disabled including zoom. However it is not meant to switch back until after you type "tfc" in again.


You most likely have a mod that is conflicting with the camera but considering you have not provided a load order we cannot help you without random guessing. It would also be a good idea to tell us exactly what you are trying to do as from what I can tell by your post the game is doing exactly what it is programmed to do.


To get your load order please follow the instructions here.


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