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Trying to get this nif a bsdismemberskininstance to make it equippable...


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Hello all! :)


So, I LOVE ZZJay's hairs here on the LL...I love the style with the braid and the feathers quite well, but would like to get the feathers separated as it's own item, so that my little bosmer can have them with any hairstyle. I managed to load up a body and head model, got rid of the hair part of the nif the feathers are on, and then tried to give them a new skin from the femalehead nif I had. That didn't work, Max wouldn't export it (said something about missing bones). So, I made it a skin modifier using the body, and smoothed it. That exported. But now, in nifskope, I have no bsskindismemberskininstance so that I can assign it a value to equip it (I was trying for item number 58, but yeah, been banging my head trying to figure this one out...).


My question is, how in the world do I do that? LOL. I'll attach the nif I got out of Max for reference, I feel like I am missing something obvious though. I am very new to this type of thing, but I did successfully get an armband set off a "glove" set before, and made some necklaces, you know, small stuff. :P


Thank you all in advance for any assistance!!


Oh and p.s. I also have a very odd something going on with my CK...for some reason I cannot preview any meshes, they just don't show up. If anyone knows what's up with that I'd be doubly grateful. My google fu failed to find a solution to it myself...it's probably way weak, lol. :P



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Add a BSDismemberSkin Modifier to the top of the stack in max.






But you can get away with not having one.



And when max wouldn't export it, you needed to add a root node like the spines to the skin (they don't need weight assigned to them).



And for the CK not showing any previews, it is caused by having enb installed. You will have to remove it from your skyrim folder while using the CK and put it back when playing the game.

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Okies...I tried both with a bsdismembermentskininstance and without...they both load in game, and both for some reason cause my ancient silver creolas to not show up either...I can see in my inventory screen I have them equipped, but they are both invisible. I feel silly having what I know is probably nooblet issues like this, it's taken me a good while to grasp Max enough to even attempt modding with it. >< So, progress, then bump into the wall, lol.

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I did check that, the earrings are in the 40's and the feathers 58. I also double checked to be sure all of the dismemberskininstances matched across the board in the CK and in nifskope.

I might try re-redoing the nif in max, might have been something I messed up...but that will have to wait till the evening tomorrow, early day for me at work. :) Thank you again for the help, if anything I am persistent, hehe...shall not give up! :D

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Thank you again! <3 I did get to try it out, unfortunately it's still invisible. I also did a copy paste of the bslightingshaderproperty from the hair itself to be sure everything was smooth for the textures. Feeling pretty under the weather so I am going to lay down, may be back on later, but yeah lol...no telling. :)

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Okies, I have success! :) 100% showing in game, textures and all, although it took some nifskope magic to get the textures to show up right. I want to do a few adjustments though, gonna try to darken the texture just a bit, and see if I can get the sides in closer, so they'll look like they're naturally attached to hairs closer to the head. Vioxis, thank you so so much! I did have to start over to get it, but here is the result. :) Also, once I get these adjustments done, I'll post up the finished product. :heart:



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