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Dishonored: Dunwall Trails DLC


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Let me start off by saying the game itself is impressive. Despite what people say, on the 'Very Hard' Difficulty, the enemies are really sharp. Think of it as this:

Easy: Walk in front of guards

Very Hard: Drop a vase and everyone rushes to your position.


Sometimes, say 1 in 5, the guard walking from a very far distance can see you up on a chandelier. Same applies for a guard walking down the street. From a distance they can see you if you are not well hidden at rooftops. They surely have peripheral vision, however it is not sharp.

Apart from that the special powers and bonecharms with tech upgrades make the game fun. However the lack of New Game+ where you can use all your powers from the first level kills some of its replay value.


Now lets talk about the DLC. The DLC has a leaderboards system. Now this could have been in the Campaign as well. It would help identify who plays the best and keep the enthusiasts trying for higher scores. However that did not happen. This makes you feel they cut out part from the game and released it as a DLC for $$.

Apart from that, the DLC is fun. It has a the following type of challenges:



In 1 level you have to kill someone by stealing clues, a total of 4. You get a bonus score if you kill the target without the clue. In level 2, you have to steal gold around the house and escape. In both, knocking out guards instead of leaving them standing reduces the score. Getting spotted also reduces the score.

The expert version of level 1 is there where enemies have better perception and clues are strapped on people. Level 2 expert difficulty gives you no powers, and you must steal the gold without getting spotted. Level 2 is over if you are spotted more than thrice on each difficulty.


Brain Killing:

In Level 1, you have to shatter glass and kill a finite number of people. When you shatter the glass time stops for a short amount of time, and you have to get as many kills as possible. You are given some equipment and which each stage of the level the quality of equipment provided increases, but the number of people to kill increases as well. There are whale oil tanks, speakers as well to compensate for lack of equipment. There are bonus challenges after each stage, for example : kill the 3 Pendleton brothers and hide the bodies.

In Level 2, the enemies are just stationary, and you have to kill each in succession of 4 seconds. However before killing anyone you can possess them and place them in proper positions. You can also place whale tanks for easy kills. The counter stops as soon as you activate "Time Bend" which gives more time for killing.


Kill Streak:

In this a wave of increasingly difficult enemies spawn and you have to kill them. On Expert difficulty the enemies know your location as they spawn and are much tougher.


Speed Challenge:

With only two powers of Blink and Agility, you have to reach checkpoints in the given time. Failure to reach a checkpoint will end the stage and decide the score based on the number of checkpoints reached and the time taken to reach it.

On the Expert difficulty Assassins patrol the streets.


Note: I've said Level 1 and Level 2, but its actually just two different maps.


As an ending note, the is probably the most competitive DLC I've enjoyed. But it feels as if this was cut out from the final game. However the campaign's limited enemies were not enough for a challenge. This DLC is definitely challenging. And the score system is great, which makes you play the map again and again to get a higher score.

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