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dark brotherhood armor


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If you're into larger cup sizes it will be difficult to find a good replacer. For smaller breasts there are two remodels that I know of:


Justice123's mod - this is the one I prefer and use for my sweet assassin character. It's still more a real armor with nice 'shield-plate thingies':



Yuravica's version might be more sexy and rather creative, especially due to Yuravica's fondness for belts and straps:



A tweaked and optimized version by Septfox to get rid of some issues (mainly the clipping): http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/41291


Unfortunately (for DMRA afficionados and such) the Yuravica remodel has even smaller cup sizes available...

Could be a future project for Thorazine to make a bigger-sized conversion.

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