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Will DX11 ever be implemented in Skyrim?


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I would love to have DX11 support for Skyrim though...


I'm sick of all these shitty DX9 consoles' date=' they are holding back the PC games..

Makes me rage alot for some of the games..


Consoles don't use DirectX 9 as their graphic APIs even for Xbox360.


Xbox doesn't use direct input for example. It doesn't even use Direct3D 9 either. It has its own version of "DirectX".


And because of their architectures, their APIs are probably more efficient than PC ones anyways. And there would be huge performance issue when the game is ported without proper optimization because of the differences in the architecture.


But I do believe they lack the features in DX11.


But the point of dx11 is it is far more efficient than both dx9 and 10 so we would get at best 40% performance gain in Skyrim if they actually do it. But I don't know if anyone has been following Bethesda's blog and seen any updates regarding this.

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