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Armor By Race ?


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So, everyone knows how much UNP/CBBE conflicts are a pain in the ass for an armor lover like me. My way to fix it is to add every body I can find to a custom race (Lunari, Temptress, etc.) and then to change my race when I wanna put the right armor. Problem : I can't do it this way with replacer armors.


I saw on the Nexus a mod called Race Specific Body Meshes Textures and Skeleton (pfew), but it only works for men. I guess the author will adapt it for women in the future, and i won't have to add custom races anymore.

So here is my suggestion : making a mod that'll

-allow Noobs like me to assign custom body to races by dragging it in the right folder (...\character assets\[race]\femalebody_1.nif for instance)

-also by dragging in the right path, armors by race

(...\meshes\armor\imperial\f\[race]\cuirasslight_1.nif for another instance)


Still I suppose that must be awfully boring for any scripter there, I think that could be interesting for resolving UNP/CBBE conflict (at least for replacer armors). That could also allow player to have multiple replacers, and so have a great variety of armors in the game : a Nord wearing a Steel Armor wouldn't look like a Breton wearing a Steel Armor !

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