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Miqo'Te Playable Race! [WIP] Looking for help!

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The Problem



Ok so In oblivion i loved the miqo'te i thought they were hot and cute and lovable all roled into one and i found a few neko races avalible on nexus and here but, they all shared one problem the ears were made of cement. as in they dont move what so ever like they could be used as a blunt instrument. so this project aims To make the first to my knowledge Fully responsive Neko race.


View a pair of sceenshots on nexus not fancy yet




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ok so with what ive done so far the ears should be somwhat livlier in that if you shout they should go back and such next ill likly be taking your idea and adding some bones so that the tips move around abit apon movment and so on, blease exscuse my file naming system as i like to make the names of my stuff funny as its easier to remember which is which so after like 8 versions of somthing the name will change to Here we go again, and One more fking time and so on

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I couldn't get the ears to showup or anything.




When I was creating the character my extended slider colors stopped after only a few basic vanilla colors... it just kept scrolling to the right, and it was colorless.


I seem to have a permanent silver/emerald circlet embedded into the character mesh. Can't take it off or anything.


No kitty ears (As I mentioned)


No feline features at all, as far as I could tell... except a tail!


Anything except vanillia clothing (For example 'Forsworn curiass, gauntlets, boots, ect...' doesn't show up. I was wearing some clothes from Alan's BBP armor pack and they were invisible on me. Yet I could now wear them in ADDITION to forsworn (Vanilla) armor. Odd huh?


Anyhoo, I will upload some pics on nexus so you can see what I mean.

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