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Larosa Pack_v1.0


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[MOD] part of the original [Dragon Slayer Mod Team] CBBE female beautification package _Larosa Pack_v1.0




[Dragon Slayer Mod the Team] "Dragon Group is a group of enthusiastic MOD The creative the ancient skyline players, spontaneous composition of the non-profit independent groups.


As long as you are able to more skilled use ps, max, maya Professional software, zb, mudbox, nifskope, ck, blender, etc. are welcome to join us!


Contact: directly in the forum PM this MOD Any one member of the group, or send an e-mail to: dsmod@yahoo.cn


the v1.0 version update Description

1.body update to Cbbe3.2

Bone replacement for the xpm maximum compatible bones 1.4

Skin texture replacement for Fair Skin Complexion Sweety Body (color personal adjusted)


MOD Body:

1. The ornaments selected and integrate all in line with the style of the ancient 5 hairstyle for independent esp, to not ban original hairstyle and in addition to the tiger and lizard people of all races can be used.

. Integration of the most beautiful battle lines are independent the esp not banned the original battle lines, in addition to the tiger and the lizard people of all races can use. (Original mole tears are too small, too close to the corner of the eye, and I've corrected)

Integration of the enhanced morph, nose, mouth, eyes, etc. This mod can provide optional styles and optional colors. (Esp control)

Own 110% of the eyes, Leis pupil, and more choice of eye color.

5. Replace the original hair textures.

6. Replace the original female face and body type maps.


Selection of files:

Selection of documents provided four female idle action, walking action, running and sprint action action chosen file.

Selection of documents provides a real version of female skin textures chosen file.

7. Optional file the eyeliner reflective strengthen the texture chosen file.

Selection of documents provides a lying silkworm map selection file (do not ask me to lie the silkworm what)

4 provides a selection of documents Apachii 1.4 hairstyle MOD.

5 provides a selection of documents the Maro eyebrows the MOD.

6 provides a selection of documents the MOD head body ratio correction.

7. Selection of documents CBBE_BodySlide_v1.4 of body type adjustment tool.

Selected file after the 1.0 update suspended



Installation and use instructions:

Download directly thrown into the Data directory the batter including 4 Esp and a Esm file, as follows:

Race and looks set 1.RaceCompatibility.esm - MOD main.

2.EnhancedCharacterEdit.esp - must RaceCompatibility.esm parent support to control Morph role of deformation and provide additional callable color (including eye shadow, eyeliner, lip color and so on ...)

3.Larosa Warpaint.esp - must RaceCompatibility.esm parent support, provide more optional battle lines.

4.Larosa.esp - the extra hair extra eye color, 110% Size.

5.Larosa Expantion.esp - extra hair (fallout and oblivion)

Loaded priorities 1 -> 4 -> 5 -> 2 -> 3 (2 with 3 additional call color capabilities fail, provided additional color addition as usual, if you want to use, 3 can not check, but relative to all the the extra battle lines.)


Q: What if I only want the extra hair with eyes, whether the load MOD can check only 4,5 can be.

A: Yes, if you want additional hair or eyes, you only need to check 4,5.



If you want to use the battle lines 1, 2, 3, also must check the mount, even though you do not want to deformation provide additional style, you should not only check 1,3 and 3 must be ranked behind 2.

If you are worried about this mod will change your original role and is difficult to remove, you only need to use my mod in advance of the original data meshes with textures renamed meshes1 and texture1, then my mod move in the past, so When you test is not for you, I MOD meshes and texture you just need to delete then of your own meshes1 and texture1 changed back to the original file name.









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