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Created a Bash patch by followin basic tutorial but BOSS still says mods need tags


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I followed the general readmee for Wrye Bash but Boss still says I need to apply tags..


Can someone help me out? here is my load order. (You will notice there is no dirty mods, I finally figured out how to clean :D)



Version 2.1.1








Plugin Type Count

Recognised (or sorted by user rules) 96

Unrecognised 0

Inactive 8

All 96



Plugin Message Type Count

Warning 0

Error 0

All 22



* Your masterlist is already at the latest revision (r6115; 2012-12-16). No update necessary.

* Note: Latest BOSS thread ("http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1430215-relz-boss-for-skyrim/")

* Note: The BOSS team has been overwhelmed with the popularity of submissions of unrecognised plugins from the BOSS Log and the number of outstanding unique submissions. As of November 30 of 2012 we are still at over 2900+ plugins to add to the Masterlist. Some dating as far back as Augest 19 of 2012. If you are interested in helping to get these plugins added to BOSS's masterlist, please PM WrinklyNinja on the Bethesda Softworks forums ("http://forums.bethsoft.com/user/359506-wrinklyninja/") or the Nexus forums ("http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?showuser=310742/").

* Note: Your SKSE is up-to-date.




SKSE Plugins





SKSE Version:




Recognised Plugins




These plugins are recognised by BOSS and have been sorted according to its masterlist. Please read any attached messages and act on any that require action.


Skyrim.esm Active


Update.esm Active


Dawnguard.esm Active

* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}



HearthFires.esm Active


MagicDuel.esm Active


moonpath.esm Active






Brawl Bugs CE.esp Active


Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp Active

* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}



Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp Active

* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}



Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp Active


AV1Dragon_Lords.esp Active


Immersive Battles.esp Active


Immersive Brigands.esp Active


Immersive Dawnguard.esp Active


Immersive Patrols.esp Active


Immersive Travelers.esp Active


Immersive Werewolves.esp Active


Legionettes.esp Active

* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Relev}}



Skyrim Immersive Creatures.esp Active

* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}



Cloaks.esp Active

* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Relev}}

* Note: Use only one cloaks*esp



LeftHandRings.esp Active


Tribunal Maskes by Zairaam.esp Active


Tribunal Robes by Zairaam.esp Active


Dr_Bandolier.esp Active


Dr_BandolierDG.esp Active


BandolierForNPCMasterFile.esp Active


BandolierForNPCsCloaksOfSkyrim.esp Active


BandolierForNPCsCheaperBandoliers_BalancedWeight_Dawnguard.esp Active


ERSO 01 - Vanilla Races Redone.esp Active


ERSO 02 - Enhanced Fauna and Monsters for Skyrim.esp Active


DeadlyDragons.esp Active

* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}



ERSO 03 - Mighty Dragons Unleveled.esp Active

* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}

* Note: Use the compatibility patch ("http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/13423") for deadly dragons.



ERSO 03.2 patch - DeadlyD DDiversified Dawnguard Unleveled.esp Active


ERSO 04 - Mighty Odahviing.esp Active


ERSO 06 - Wait More Time Dragon Encounter x3.0.esp Active


ERSO 07 - Mighty Dragon Priests.esp Active


ERSO 08 - RUS-00 Main plus Dawnguard.esp Active


ERSO 09 - RUS-Npcs overhaul USKP compatible torch.esp Active

* Note: Use only one ERSO 09 file.



ERSO 13 - MD - A Better Level Progression.esp Active


ERSO 14 - Vendors richer and Inns more expensive.esp


ERSO 14.02 - Harder barter 4-2.esp

* Note: Use only one ERSO 14.02 file.



ERSO 14.06 - Vendor Minor Enchanted Weapons Armors Very Rare.esp Active

* Note: Use only one ERSO 14.06 file.



ERSO 17 - Training cost 1.5x.esp

* Note: Use only one ERSO 17 file.



ERSO 18 - Legendary Armors and Weapons Enhanced.esp Active


ERSO 20 - Standing Stones Overhaul Irreversible.esp Active

* Note: Use only one ERSO 20 file.



Quest_AndTheRealmsOfDaedra.esp Active


ESFCompanions.esp Active


LocalizedGuildJobs.esp Active


markarth_plus.esp Active


moonpath_questdata.esp Active


Quest_NoMercy.esp Active


quest into the depths.esp Active


ResearchThief.esp Active


Run For Your Lives.esp Active


When Vampires Attack.esp Active


Quest_SeaOfGhosts.esp Active


The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp Active


Quest_TheBiggerTheyAre.esp Active


whiterunexenhanced.esp Active


Morrowloot.esp Active

* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}

* Note: It's recommend to load morrowloot after any plugins that have a Relev tag and change the same LeveledLists as morrowloot because they will add vanilla records removed by morrowloot



Headtracking.esp Active


LaFemmeLycana.esp Active


OpenFaceGuardHelmets.esp Active


Riften Bigger Trees.esp Active


Skyrim bigger trees.esp Active


riverwoodenhancedplugin.esp Active


taveriften.esp Active


tavesolitude.esp Active


townsandcitiesenhanced.esp Active


whiteruninenhanced.esp Active


tavefalkreath.esp Active


dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp Active

* Note: Ragdolls will conflict with other mods that change the skeleton.nif. Check Custom Skeleton Replacers ("http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/16712") for compatibly with other skeleton.nif.



MidasSkyrim.esp Active


Improved Dragon Shouts.esp Active


Improved Dragon Shouts - Dawnguard.esp Active


Sneak Tools.esp Active


Duel - Combat Realism.esp Active


The Dance of Death.esp Active


Balanced_Alteraton.esp Active


Balanced_Conjuration.esp Active


Balanced_Destruction.esp Active


Balanced_Illusion.esp Active


Balanced_Restoration.esp Active



* Note: Choose only one of the below - optional if you prefer vanilla settings or other mods which adjust these values.




* Note: Choose only one of the below - optional if you prefer vanilla settings or other mods which adjust these values.




* Note: Choose only one of the below - optional if you prefer vanilla settings or other mods which adjust these values.



MorePP.esp Active


UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul.esp Active

* Note: For safe install need dismiss all your followers, save, delete all included mods, load again, save and install UFO. For safe uninstall or update see special instructions on mod page ("http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/14037").



UFO - Dawnguard AddOn.esp Active


UFO - Heartfire AddOn.esp Active


Reduced Distance NPC Greetings.esp Active


DudestiaMultiMarriages.esp Active


Cartographers Map Markers.esp Active


Bashed Patch, 0.esp Active

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