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Sooo, how do I get OBGE to work?


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Decided to try out OBGE. So Installed the stuff and when I load the game I can't see text on the main menu. I find out that's because of the OBGEv2.dll thing so I delete that and everything's back to normal. But isn't that required to even use OBGE? So how do I get OBGE to work?


Thanks in advance.

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What version did you install? I had a host of problems trying to get OGBE to work, but never had issues with menu text. I currently only use the main OBGE install and Liquid Water. I do have OBGEv2.dll installed and have never tried running OBGE without it. I installed OBGE via the .exe files instead of the BAIN versions from here. That worked best for me.


I would install one component at a time, starting with the main OBGE file first. Install, try out your game, then install the next one. That way you can narrow down which component is causing trouble. Finally, I found the support on the official Bethesda OBGE thread to be somewhat helpful. At least one person was able to indirectly solve the problems I was having.

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