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dai katana " the worst game ever made"

Guest Lady Luck

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Guest Lady Luck


Dear ionstorm

" Fuck you "


the year is 1996, ah the joys of MSDOS and quake games, [ looks at my cabinet] What the hell? , oh yeah dai katana, remember this fucking game i know you nodding " the memories of sheer pain and hatred" look at this putrid puke of mess.




from what i know a team called ionstorm ported this game on quake 2 engine which supposedly have that one advert "john remero about to make you his bitch" i'm like seriously?,





so technically not only quake 2 is ripped off from the 1.0 engine , at the time this game was so underrated it blows your balls off, why this game wasn't so super duper awesome like doom and quake 2 , thanks again john for ruining the franchise, so carmack didn't get involved instead he left john Romero and make doom instead the same date that DOOM 3D release beyond that Dues Ex Released same date by John carmack , however both of these that john remero refused to go until thief deadly shadows ever exist why " because he sucks ".





so you supposedly play this guy Hiro Mishima " whoa wait tekken?" nah no there's so many reference to tekken on this game like " mishima corporation " so this is where tekken got idea "LOL Xd im just making that up , the story however took 3 hours 42 seconds to read all the cutscene remember here there's isn't any sequence story on quake game this is first that i see a cutscene on a ripped off game. " so john ripped his own game" to be honest with you the whole written code was carmack work, everything that carmack did instantly remero owned it because he owned the company asshole.


Oh yeah i didn't mentioned the gameplay right .. so john above all his glory he wrote this game along the engine with his fans , yeah fans who develop this game " a mod " if you will.


The gameplay is similar linear gameplay , Too many deaths , no checkpoint , no period invisibility after dying , no Safe zone.


easily the most retarded game ever produced , if one hyped this game so much again seriously u need help, not to boast anger people liked this game if u like this game it 's you im just writing how i felt.

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Ahaha, I remember this. John's greatest enemy has always been his ego, he's got a long track record of that. But he either makes good stuff, or complete crap. Though even if he was a pompous prick, he would respond to finger nearly all of his finger requests, same with John Carmack(before he became the uberdouche). And they would use the .plan to post what was happening in development, and respond to questions.


Different age in the gaming industry, where you could actually have one-to-one discussions with largish and popular developers. There's a few that still do this, but they're rare.

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