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Climates of Tamriel Version:



Normal Version:




Expanded Snow Systems: V1.1

This mod currently adds 3 snow types that have 3 levels of strength.

Type 1: Based on the vanilla snow storm has, has 3 additional levels that increase wind, the amount of falling snow and lowers visibility via fog levels.

Type 2: All new type that adds a more vertically falling snow with low wind influence. Lower fog levels for higher visibility.

Type 3: This type adds very slow, large flake, no wind style snow that falls almost vertically, there is light fog and slightly brighter than the other types.
Regions and types available
Winterhold: Type 2 and Type 1, Windy area in general Type 3 Doesn't really fit at this location
Windhelm: All, Type 2 and 3 predominant snow patterns type 1 is low chance.
Mountains: Type 2 and Type 1, high elevation and windy type 3 doesn't really fit here.
Snowy Regions: All, Type 3 has the highest probability but the differences are slight.
Coast/IceFlows: Type 2 and Type 3 Low probability.

None of the vanilla probably weather patterns were removed so there is still the chances of clear/cloudy/normal snows/etc.

Confirmed Compatibilities:
Revamped Exterior Fog
Wet and Cold
More Rain
Get Snowy

Confirmed Incompatibilities:
Climates of Tamriel: Loading one or the other last will override region lists, also lighting anomalies.
RLWC: Most likely compatible if my mod loads after it, but lighting may be strange
More Snow: Direct Conflict I edited the same thing
Supreme Storms: I edited the snow portion of this, technically compatible if you want the rain but you would have to load mine after to get my changes.
Regarding Frostfall: I don't know enough about this mod and how it tracks cold climates if its a skse script similar to how Wet and Cold does it then it would work, but its unknown and I don't even know where to start to possibly make a compatibility patch.
Bethesda - Without them there is no mod
jjc71 - Climates of Tamriel is a great accomplishment

Please give me feedback.
And the pictures will never do justice, have to see it in action to appreciate it.

http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/28016 Has all my pictures but they fail to show a accurate depiction of the snow types.

Added a Climates of Tamriel compatability version, only use one esp.




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