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Redistribution of LoversChildDataBase


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It is restrictive form, but redistributes LoversChildDataBase.

There is a precondition about the redistribution.


1.An author does not perform the support for a question, the malfunction at all.


The reason that led to a redistribution.

1.I was able to use LoversChildDataBase in different MOD which I made, but the limit for specifications of applicable MOD occurred by having canceled distribution of LoversChildDataBase.

I redistribute it to cancel this limit.

2.I came to think that somebody would take care even if I could not support an author.


For these reasons, I carry out a redistribution.

However, I did not distribute MOD which led to the redistribution by the production only for Japanese editions in here LL.

Therefore, I keep direct MOD in LL and do not take the form to redistribute.

Please acquire the Japanese Lovers which it is to leave the direct link to the storage area using in a site, and is necessary from that place.





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It is the Japanese original of OP.





















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LoversChildDataBase v1.02 has only the package of the Japanese edition.

The child that father is born constant probability as for the function added in v1.02 in the case of Creature is that it is in Creature same as father.

It is the same as v1.01a other than it.

When I use a version corresponding to Creature with English version, I should work if I copy LoversChildDataBase.esp and HiyokoGenerator withDB.esp from Japanese v1.02 package.

In addition, you should copy it in existing ini file because an open addition trust fund for v1.02 is added to the last line of xLoversChildDataBase - Config.ini.


I warn you in v1.02 not being the thing which carried out a function examination enough first.

Please use it after having understood that malfunction may occur.

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I write outline explanation for the person who does not know what LoversChildDataBase is.


Conventional HIYOKO was defined in HiyokoGenerator.

Because the extracted condition of HIYOKO was fixed in a script of Generator, it has need to edit a script to change a condition.

LoversChildDataBase is to define NPC defined by different MOD as HIYOKO, and flexibility can perform addition of HIYOKO, a change.

In addition, I can switch to the form along the demand of the user by setting an extraction condition of HIYOKO in ini file.


HIYOKO provided in LoversChildDataBase is based on MBP++ as a model.

I manage it as the different Race which changed the size of NPC to the child size.

I direct the changes from a child to an adult by switching to NPC of the normal size by using the magic that NPC of this child size is added to attached MOD.


In a package of LoversChildDataBase, HIYOKO, adult NPC more than 100 each are defined by default.

But all racial HIYOKO included in MBP++ is not included.

There is the thing which several kinds of NPC is registered with if I may be one kind by a Race.


The detailed explanation, please confirm an attached document.





- Modular Beautiful People 2ch-Edition++ v0.9.8 or later

- OBSE020

- OBSE Conscribe

- Plugin called obse_PEM_ChangeMod.dll is necessary to change a color of the hair. This DLL is not included in this package.

It is available in a site of public MOD. (It is included in PEM_ChangeMod or PEM_RepairModsIndex)



Other MOD


Following mentions are outline explanation of MOD distributing.

Please confirm the detailed explanation by an enclosed document.


1. PEM_NpcStack

It is registered dozens of NPC which does not carry the AI which I used for operation check of LoversChildDataBase.

There is the book which can identify registered NPC.

Magic to call NPC of the number that I appointed is added.


2. LoversHudInformation

HUD displays information about NPC which there is in front including Lovers-related information.

The interface function that HUD indication is enabled from different MOD is included.


3. Lovers_ChildRaceType_MBP++Only

4. Lovers_ChildRaceNPC_MBP++Only

It is the version that limited master designation of HIYOKO-MOD enclosed by LoversChildDataBase to only MBP++.

When I introduce this MOD, I change the name to the name of MOD of the default, and it is necessary to overwrite.


Lovers_ChildRaceType_MBP++Only.esp: You change the name to Lovers_ChildRaceType.esp in this.

Lovers_ChildRaceNPC_MBP++Only.esp: You change the name to Lovers_ChildRaceNPC.esp in this.


Lovers_ChildRaceType_MBP++Only adds the family of the child corresponding to some families included in MBP++.

I come to be able to choose even the new making of the character when I introduce this, but cannot recommend the operation check when I chose it because I do not do it at all.

Lovers_ChildRaceNPC_MBP++Only defined racial NPC of a child defined in Lovers_ChildRaceType_MBP++Only.

This is real HIYOKO-MOD, but it is not necessary to introduce this MOD when I make HIYOKO-MOD by oneself.


5. LoversRecruitGrewupNPC

Because special AI is not carried in HIYOKO which came of age, it is MOD which I made experimentally to let it is what or do a pseudoact.

Magic to mediate a workplace is added to HIYOKO which came of age.

HIYOKO which came of age by using magic in HIYOKO and both sides of NPC taking some action who came of age imitates the AI.

But there is no security of the movement to the last because it is experimental specifications.


6. How to make HIYOKO Mods(EN)

It is the HTML file which commented on a method to make HIYOKO-MOD to use in LoversChildDataBase.

The explanation machine-translated Japanese.

Because you use a lot of images for explanation, you may keep contents under control even if it is hard to understand the meaning of the sentence to some extent.



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In some adult NPC, a phenomenon of "I HAVE NO GREETING" may occur.

This is existing Race, and Playable flag becomes OFF.

When you bring up HIYOKO of this Race to an adult, a problem occurs.

MOD which revised this problem is uploaded as a revision.

In addition, revised Race becomes selectable newly when you begin a game newly when you use this.

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Because an English document about PEM_LoversTools withDB.esp is not attached in a package distributing, I write explanation here.


About PEM_LoversTools withDB.esp


This file adds magic to let "HIYOKO" generated in magic and LoversChildDataBase watching the state of the uterus mature into an adult.


++ Explanation of the magic ++

(1). Monitoring magic of the uterus

Two kinds of magic is prepared for.

a.Registration magic of NPC to watch

This uses it in the magic of the Touch method for target NPC to watch.

The information of NPC which you registered is begun to write as script command by Conscribe.


++ Instructions ++

When you watch it after game start time on the next time, you have to add a postscript to a command begun to write in ini file.

b.Magic to report an uterus state

When you use this magic, the menu including some items will be displayed.


++ Contents of a displayed item ++

The information of all the members: If you select this item, it displays the state of the uterus of all registered NPC in a rolled drapery form.

An ovum maintainer: If you select this item, it displays only NPC having an ovum.

Late pregnancy: If you select this item, it displays only NPC where is near delivery.

An after giving birth pregnant woman: If you select this item, it displays only NPC of the after giving birth.

It is located and displays it now: If you select this item, it displays a menu choosing present location NPC to display from NPC which has been already registered.

You decide NPC which wants to confirm a position now from that.

Quest-Marker is set in the present location of NPC which was chosen when you decide NPC.


++ Instructions ++

Quest-Marker does not move even if NPC moves.


(2). Magic to bring up "HIYOKO"

When you use this magic for "HIYOKO" defined in LoversChildDataBase.esp, information of "HIYOKO" and a menu confirming whether you really carry it out will be displayed.

When you use it for undefined "HIYOKO", the warning of that you cannot carry it out will be displayed.

When you use this magic, NPC corresponding to "HIYOKO" appears near.

But this magic does not delete original "HIYOKO" automatically.

You must delete "HIYOKO" using a console command.


NPC of adult belongs to FACTION same as "HIYOKO" other than having withdrawn from "HIYOKO-CLUB".

This magic does not set AI in NPC; therefore NPC of adult carries nothing out.

Therefore NPC which grew up cannot follow the back of the parent like "HIYOKO".

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I found family addition MOD called "6 DiabloEF in 1" in Nexus.

It is written that an author is missing.

There seems to be the thread of similar name in LL, but does not know those relationships.

Because I could make NPC of the beautiful woman, I was able to incorporate it in LoversChildDataBase.

I stopped the production of MOD, but distribute it as a small present because it is the end of the year.

If some complaint is given, I cancel the distribution immediately.

Please understand it beforehand.


The package which a present premises is MOD which I obtained in Nexus.

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I rewrote that you have changed the translation method.

Read correctly?


I noticed that there have a look at the Porn Game that is the end of the year.

May continue to act as they are followed by ejaculation any remaining stamina when performing a sexual act.

However, in the system of Lovers now act would end the ejaculation.

And begin to act and talk again.

In addition to wearing clothes.

I wonder if that is not this situation is very unnatural.


And I have created a module Mod to modify the system of Lovers.

I will be able to select the type of key or progression to end or continue as usual in the last phase.

Motion rather than files that are typically used, when the continuous motion using the file group that is defined separately.

To produce a different situation in the same motion number is the purpose of doing so.

However, there is no meaning if there is no motion a new file.

If there are no new files motion motion conventional file is automatically used.


This Mod works by overwriting the system scripts Lovers.

If the system assumes different, it does not work properly.

Lovers system works in a conventional manner by removing the Mod.


It is important here.

The version that is the only supported version of the Japanese Rev96.


The reason why I am writing about things that do not correspond to the English system, we do not set constraints on the modification and redistribution in this Mod.

You can freely change if necessary.


I have reported in that sense.


However, the documentation that comes with is not very simple.

In addition, the full text is Japanese.


This is the original Japanese.






年末にあるPorn Gameを見ていて、私はある事に気付いた。




























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Version of the MOD


LoversChildDataBase v.1.02a (JP)

LoversChildDataBase v.1.02

LoversHudInformation v.1.02


Lovers_ChildRaceType FIX(ENG)

Lovers_ChildRaceType FIX(JP)

Lovers_ChildRaceType_MBP++Only FIX




2012 Last_Gift_From_PerfectionCat

(This is Hiyoko-MOD of DiabloElf.)


LoversCustomLoop v.0.92

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PEM_NpcStack.esp was updated.


PEM_NpcStack.esp was separated by a definition part and a processing part of NPC.

PEM_NpcStack.esp came to refer to NPC indirectly as well as LoversChildDataBase.

I distribute PEM_NpcStack.esp of a new version.

I only define it, and .ini file comes to be able to summon NPC which wants to summon you because PEM_NpcStack.esp came to refer to NPC indirectly.

In addition, it was not necessary to revise PEM_NpcStack.esp at every addition of Hiyoko Mod.

I made it, and NPC to refer to in PEM_NpcStack.esp supplied it to Hiyoko Mod.

Added NPC adds a postscript in .ini file of PEM_NpcStack.esp and uses it.


Hiyoko Mod two kinds corresponding to new PEM_NpcStack.esp are included.




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LoversHudInformation Version.1.02a


There was a report that HUD was not displayed several times so far.

I really confirm it several times in the environment of the author.

However, I did not understand a method to let you reappear surely.

I made a revision the other day because it became clear to reproduce the place that I watched the report that was not displayed when I loaded it and tried.


This is an excuse, but I do not load it in a game.

This is because it remembers that the lord of Oblivion read before if it is insufficient partly to set a state again.

Therefore I do not remember that I load it during a game and tested it.


When it is said whether it was revised in this revision surely, I do not seem to be honest.

The case that was not extremely rarely displayed was testing it.

In that case, it was displayed when I loaded it once again.

I do not yet know it whether any problem is left or whether it is the problem in a timing of the processing.

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About customization of latest PEM_NpcStack

User customization becomes able to simplify the latest edition of PEM_NpcStack distributing from January 17, 2013.
It comes to summon a thing appointed with .ini file in the latest edition.
The following data are described in .ini file.
-Registration number of NPC
-The MOD name that defined NPC
-Reference ID of NPC

A definition part of this NPC is not included in latest PEM_NpcStack.esp.
Conventional NPC is defined by enclosed PEM_NpcStackSalon.esp.
Added NPC is supplied in future as different definition MOD.
You can use it by adding a postscript to data of these supplied NPC in .ini file.
In addition, the data for 99 to use in a photograph book of summoned NPC are included in the latest edition beforehand.
The image to show the place where NPC is not registered with is included as BLANK image.
You can change the image which is displayed by a photograph book by editing this .dds file.
If it is a problem to have multiple MOD which defined NPC summoning you, please merge it freely.
When reference ID is changed by merging it, please change the reference ID listed in .ini file.

The Japanese original





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I list it about MOD which I show in public MOD site.
But, please use it after having understood the thing because I do not support it anymore.
This can change a hairstyle, a color of the hair, the eyes.
In these items, only data connected with race are selectable basically.
However, this MOD allows you to refer to data of different race for individual items.
In addition, there is the function to set contents for change again automatically not to return to original data at the time of the game reopening in NPC except clonal NPC.
Because a video is registered with the distribution site, you can check a concrete operation method.
This is a tool solving a problem of clonal NPC occurring for a change of load order.
When the present information is different from race information when it was formed, the system cannot acquire race information definitely, and clonal NPC becomes the error.
There are some concrete phenomena.
You cannot see a figure of NPC.
When you enter the cell which there is of NPC, CTD occurs.


These causes are that load order recognizing of the game system is different from load order recorded for save data.

This MOD revises load order recorded for save data.
But this supports only about an obstacle about clonal NPC.
When recorded race information disappears, save data cannot revise it.
This is equipment MOD.
This changes the equipment every kind of the weapon to use automatically.
If a PC is equipped with a stick, the PC changes its clothes to a robe.
If a PC is equipped with a sword, the PC changes into an armor.
If a PC is equipped with bare hands, the PC changes into casual clothes.
The item which this only changes a general view to the last and is equipped with is the same.
This is intended to customize it using the NIF file which you are used for in favorite equipment MOD.
Specifically, please look at the distribution site.




This is so-called teleporting magic.

It is setable at up to 30 places of teleporting places and can acquire a name at each spot.
In addition, you can do the traffic with the world by setting RefID where you can refer to another world.
When you use teleporting magic with catching a partner, the partner is teleported together.
This is MOD which I showed first.
Some weapons, magic, shield, ring are included.
Unfortunately anything is too strong performance.
EDIT) I added because I did not write the URL of the Planet.


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I translated again and I think the translation is wrong.


Forgive me if I misunderstood this, but in one of your earlier posts, did you say you had a magic for causing Hiyoko children to mature faster?  I would really like to find something like this. 

>POST #6 (2)


Maybe, yes.
The concept of growth HIYOKO might different in you and me.
Magic to grow HIYOKO is provided in PEM_LoversTools withDB.esp.
The concept of growth in HIYOKO LoversChildDataBase means to replace adult HIYOKO.
Also registered adult data when defining the HIYOKO in LoversChildDataBase.
The data I provide is always included This is an optional feature.
HIYOKO receives the invisible item indicating the race when it is generated.
Magic is replaced with the corresponding adult HIYOKO based on the information of the item.
Appropriate adult NPC you will use this magic to HIYOKO appear near you.
This adult NPC inherit color hair style, hair, and eyes from HIYOKO.
We succeeded for adults NPC HIYOKO information when using magic, so may have been changed after it is generated HIYOKO.
I have become such a specification had been so often change the color of the hair by hair and dress.
(I'm a author of PEM_ChangeMod)
Not be deleted automatically over a period of time because of unmanaged HiyokoMod adults.
There is a possibility that can not be removed correctly depending on the environment of the user should remove HIYOKO at this time if the original.
Will not be deleted automatically HIYOKO that reason.
I recommend that you delete using the umbilical cord is also possible that you do not remove the HIYOKO anyway.
I have several generations of NPC in there because it was only create a separate world that we are living HIYOKO.
NPC that gave birth to a HIYOKO HIYOKO also become adults.
There is in that world.
I have managed to use the MCS does not follow the parent and become an adult, however.
I like to watch the conversation between parents and children.
Original Japanese

HIYOKOを成長させる魔法はPEM_LoversTools withDB.espで提供されます。

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There is the world for HIYOKO where I played.

Because the thing which remodeled various MOD is packed there, I cannot show it.

However, I can show MOD becoming the model.

But there are very few things which are implemented because it is a model.

It is the world separated from Oblivion.

Few buildings, guide doing a simple introduction and doubtful Argonian are the world that there is only.

You can construct another town there.

In addition, you can make the dungeon which it is hard to conquer.


Please build the original world using CS.

The downloading is possible from POST#1.


original japanese












doubtful Argonian





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There are epic Mod of the same name is not nothing to do with it.
DarkDreamer is the king of the family of the devil who created the realm of dreams.
But he was sealed long ago, he was waiting for those who inherit the power to appear.
I'll say first. There is no story in this MOD.
So far was the only Japanese version DarkDreamer.
This is because it was annoying to translate and dialogs A troublesome is to machine translation all documents.
There is also a sentence you do not understand maybe because it is a thing to publish the English version this time, but was machine translation as usual.
Please use it after having comprehension about it.
This is what you have bug fixes version that is published on 25/08/2012.
Please refer to POST # 1 Download.


original japanese







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I am sorry to the person who downloaded English version of DarkDreamerV110.
I did not translate Japanese in the script.
Because you uploaded the package which you translated, please download it again.
Outline of DarkDreamer
Nothing happens for a while after you install it
When uniformity time passes, you are cursed.
If you read an attached file, you can understand a cursed reason.
It is developed the next by bringing up the child who appeared.
When a child returns to an original figure, you learn some magic.
Let's increase your servants using magic.
You can take it easy in a castle to own.
Of course you can call a servant there.
It can summon a soldier in an available item by associating with a servant and a slave.
You can put yourself under reinforcement magic by defeating the soldier whom it summoned.
The families which a servant has if you introduce LoversChildDataBase increase.
You can match it with your environment if you add a different family to ini file attaching.
Please read an attached manual about the detailed contents.
Original Japanese



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LoversChildDataBase_v102b JP (only diff).7z


I changed face data of Miqote as defined in Lovers_ChildRaceNPC.esp included in LoversChildDataBase.


It is necessary for the person using a package of the English version to port face data by oneself.

esp file is contained for the difference only for the data which I changed.

Because I think that it is necessary to use CS to transplant it, CS applies to a usable person.


Miqote of three people was registered, but the data for four are included this time.

All the documents included in the distribution package are written in Japanese.

I do not attach the document which I machine-translated.





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LoversChildDataBase_v102b2JP (only diff).7z


I changed face data of LopEarElf II as defined in Lovers_ChildRaceNPC.esp included in LoversChildDataBase.


t is necessary for the person using a package of the English version to port face data by oneself.
esp file is contained for the difference only for the data which I changed.
Because I think that it is necessary to use CS to transplant it, CS applies to a usable person.

All the documents included in the distribution package are written in Japanese.

I do not attach the document which I machine-translated.





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LoversChildDataBase_v102b3JP (only diff).7z


I changed face data of LopEarElf II, FeralVampire, PureBlood and MysticHighElf as defined in Lovers_ChildRaceNPC.esp included in LoversChildDataBase.


t is necessary for the person using a package of the English version to port face data by oneself.

esp file is contained for the difference only for the data which I changed.

Because I think that it is necessary to use CS to transplant it, CS applies to a usable person.


All the documents included in the distribution package are written in Japanese.

I do not attach the document which I machine-translated.









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HIYOKO generated in LoversChildDataBase has a hairstyle and eyes randomly selected by data assigned to the race.

When it is not your favorite thing, you can easily change it using PEM_ChangeMod.

In addition, you can set a hairstyle and eyes used in a different race.

But the data may not be reflected normally.

It is caused by the fact that the data of the different form are used in some races.
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