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Put it in ESP :)


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This are Larp's armor, I've requested the modder to make a simple esp for this. however he replied to download this version : oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/42844 which have missing texture and no further fix in later weeks. I only humbly request for someone will kindly enough just to put an esp to put the whole armor in one chest in testing area.


That's it then, thank you for your attention and aid :D


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Won't take long to do, considering I have nothing better to do today.


I upload the full thing here when I am done.


From the looks for it the modder who created it is a newb as he has his full game path as the texture path.


To be honest I would just throw this out of your load order it is so badly mad it is a joke, but if you really want it done I accept no responsibility for the poorly designed coding errors and invalid file paths. I will try and fix most of it but I would be doing anything after that.

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