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FNV - Resetting factions changed by a mod


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Hi hi,


I'm a fan of deathclaws, and I used a mod that put us on friendly terms.




However, I found after removing the mod that I'm still allied with the deathclaws, and that this mod has completely broken the deathclaw-branch of Sexout Breeder. The deathclaws attack and kill all the captives.


But I digress. Is there some way I can reverse what the perk did, and somehow reset my "reputation" with the deathclaw faction to the default values? I've tried a few console commands, none of which yielded any success. I really would like to keep playing my current savegame rather than starting all over again.




Edit: Just wanted to include that I tried loading a save prior to pickping the Deathclaw Friend perk (but with the .esp still active), which worked just fine.

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There you go...


And there I go for being impatient about trying the deathclaw breeding. The fixer worked, thank you. I didn't even register it was in my inventory. Feel free to mock now.


Anyway, to completely reverse the perk mod, SetEnemy DeathclawID PlayerID 0 0, then running the faction fixer should be fine, yes?


Thanks again. Especially for the quick response. :P

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