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Bunny-suit UNP


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(Not sure if Bunny-Suits would classify as an 'Adult mod' but I'ma just play it safe and post it as if it were.)


Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has/knows of/ is willing to make a bunny-suit outfit for Skyrim for the UNP body. I'd really like to see my character walking around in a bunny-suit but the only one for Skyrim I've found thus far is only for CBBE, which I don't use. I once found one for oblivion that was pretty good, and I'd like to get one for Skyrim. So if anyone would be so kind that they might make one for me, I'd be much obliged. The only two things I really would prefer is that a it be dark blue, I think that color would look good on my character, and b I really would prefer to go without the specularity, the shine makes it look too rubbery in my opinion.


It'd make me very happy if someone could put this together.


Here's a couple of picture examples of kind of what I'm looking for here:









PS. I don't know if the specific type of UNP I'm using makes a difference or not but just in case I am using UNP Delicate and the LIFE face enhancement mod.


Note; Sorry if my tone came out kind of rude or otherwise weird in this post, though I am a decent writer I'm horrible at writing forum posts, it's really just a whole different style for me and I really suck at it.

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