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Neck gap - any help greatly appreciated


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So I have custom armor and NPC's are displaying a neck gap. I tried the following:


1. Console > SetNPCWeight 100 - works until i leave and return to the area and they have reverted back to having a gap


2. Using the CK to make their weight 100 - esp is active in nexus mod manager but doesnt seem to do anything in game


I would try the NPC editor but it is unsupported and apparently can cause CTD with 1.8


Am i missing a step to make the weight changes stick?

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I use CHSBHC and UNP skeleton and CBBE textures 3.2.3. I didnt think any of them cause gaps.


Okay I may have a lead - I am using armor from a body that needs 100 weight to work but i substituted the body for a CBBE bodyslider body - could it be caused by the armor since its made for a body at 100 weight? and if so is there a simple way to change it? I have 3DSMax. *okay so checking the net once again thats my problem with the armor and the neck gap*


But why wont my esp work if i directly change the weight through CK? Do i need to set anything of the ESM's as active when changing the values for it to work?

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When the armor is only for max wheight designed, then you cannot do anything else but to suffer the neck gap (i think) because your nif files for low and high weight values are exactly the same.In order to fix that you need to create the meshes for the low weight in 3dsmax which needs some knowledge in using the software.Best way is to follow NIGHTASSY's tutorials in youtube (search it by the name).Those tuts are very explanatory.The thing is that whwn it comes to NPC's, the game memorises their weight values the moment you first see them (e.g. you see Lydia for the first time and her weight is for example 100.You give the outfit and it's all fine but after you see let's say for the first time Vex whose weight is lest say 75.If you give her the outfit (which is only made for max weight) you get the neck gap beacause of the diffrence in meshes.The tiring but easy way to fix this (without using 3dsmax,blender or anyother 3d developing software is to change with the ck the weight values of every NPC you whant to give the armor to.That is, to make a new esp that modifies the NPC's you want.There is a problem though.By modifing the NPC you need to disgard your save because the weight values are stored inside the data that comes with each save.

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