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little help with my own animations - they dont show up in game (no other anims)

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I followed turbodrivers tutorial, created a basic anim and was able to make a package file. So then i got to the XML part, changed the XML filename part with the Hex value, changed the placeholder names and added the decimal value, and set it as a "FLOOR" anim (for quick testing in game), imported it into the package file with the clip and clipheaders (like the tutorial) and dropped the package into Mods.


My problem is, at startup the popup does show that my .package file is loaded, but in game WW tells me no other anims are installed.  I took out all the downloaded ones and wanted to only load mine for testing.


I probably made a dumb mistake during the XML part. Any help?



Yep, I did make a dumb mistake. In the XML file, I didnt copy the ClipName value from the clips in s4pe, and pasted them into the XML.


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