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How to make mod Hat or Mask to fit the character ??


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- Hi, plz help me with this. 

- So the thing is most of the clothe mods that have Hat ( Helmet ) or Mask does not "fit" the character. Usually the the hair is being pierce through the hat or the nose is stinking out through the mask etc..

- What can i do to make the part fit??

- Thank a lot. 

  P.s: Srr' bout my broken English, hope u guys can understand ?

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4 hours ago, SmedleyDButler said:

Outfit Studio offers you a huge amount of customization to fix problems like that. I suggest installing it and reading some tutorials on how to use it.

Yeah, im trying to learn how to use the Studio now, it quite complicate :<

thats why i need some help  ^^

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strange advice, when you load a head nif in outfit studiot, it end up between the feets


for the hairs to not clip with helms, you give sbp 31 to those helms, to unload the hair when you equip it (it's that or creating some hairs for helms, some were done and nobody use them)


and if you use a reduced head to move the nose, lips and chin highter to create a smaller head with long neck (that is taken care of by moving the slider head_down or head_up, most don't do it for some reason), either you move up the mask for it to be where the nose is now, either you move down the nose


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Older versions of outfit studios can't load head nifs without crashing so I made one quite awhile ago for the older version that I'm using by exporting the head in .OBJ format and then loading it into outfit studios and then scaling it down.


If the loaded head is at the bodies feet just move the head up to where it needs to be at.





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