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Can't get CBPC working in VR

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Sorry for posting this here, doesn't seem to be a VR tech support forum and it's based off of SSE anyways. 


To the point. Everywhere I see, it says that CBPC is fully compatible with SkyrimVR. Hell, I even saw a video of someone slapping breasts around. I have it working fine in my SSE game, but the same process won't work for me in VR. I have XP32 installed, with the physics option. I built my bodies and my armors using UUNP Special, and I have HDT compatible meshes for all vanilla and DLC items. FNIS was also run, of course.  Ingame, the bodies and armor change fine, but nothing has physics or collision like it should. I'm using MO2 and I have my FNIS and Bodyslide files going to a specified output folder which is at the end of my load order, overwriting everything. Nothing should be messing with it and it's the exact same setup I used with SSE. Any ideas?

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