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Help request, I guess. (Animation pack checking values of other mods)


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I've finally started making some animations myself, they look rough but they work for now. I'd like to know if there is a way to make it so an animation pack checks another mod and plays the right animation according to what it returns.

Example: Using Noir's pornstar cock mod, Sim 1 has a Big penis, Sim 2 has a Small one. Is there a way to make it so the animation would check which penis the sim has, I'd be willing to make animations for different sizes and have it play the right one? If it doesn't recognize a mod it could just defaults to the default penis. I might be nit picking, but I really dislike it when an animation has a random dick poking through a body part.

The reason I'm not making animations for every size and just throw them in the game like that is I don't want to see a random Sim use the wrong animation, it's stupid but it annoys me! My coding abilities are too limited to create such a mod myself, I could have an idea how to do it but what puzzles me is how to pack everything like a normal animation file but not have them all show up... I might have to give up on that idea.

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