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hi everyone,

I'm making a machinima skyrim movie witch some adult actions. so far its no problem to change the appearance of ALL the characters to

"same face" same body, same skin. but as you can imagine that does look a bit weird in a movie and is not realistic.

so far my main character has the face, body and skin i need but the default races (nord in the example) has a color issue.

yes i replaced the body textures and meshes with a cosio compatible body, and the default races have that body too but the head i NEED to keep the 

skyrim original faces. is that possible?

setting the same color to body and neck colours does not help. (see pictures)


pretty sure its a easy fix if ya know what and where and so i ask to explain in a simple manner if and how to do that.

thank you in advance.


TESV 2019-01-12 12-23-20-18.jpg

TESV 2019-01-12 12-23-55-43.jpg

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