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Why many LL Oldrim mods don't have support for SSE?

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Several things of note:

  • A lot of mods we use are stable-but-dead old mods, including things people find essential like Defeat (the author has given up updating it even for LE, because (in short) they found it too much of a mess and not worth the effort)
  • People are naturally resistant to change, especially if they don't think the supposed benefits are worth the effort (and reinstalling Skyrim mods, at least for me, feels like a massive chore that I don't want to do without a very good reason, and that's before considering LE>SSE conversion)
  • Yes, SKSE getting broken for pointless crap every now and then pisses people off. What's a few CTDs and lower framerates, compared to SKSE64 getting broken for days every time Bethesda comes up with some new pointless cashgrab not-paid-mods?
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2 hours ago, Nepro said:

Is it perpetual state of SSE being updated only to add some worthless crap to Creation Store so that modders are pissed and they can't release stable version because SKSE gets broken with each update ect?

Speaking for myself: YES! Capital letters.

Unless Bugthesda keeps its creepy pawns away from my SKSE and abstains from stuffing CrapClub down my throat, I ignore their abused baby.

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Most of the smaller mods are so easy for the individual user to convert that most modders wouldn't bother doing it themselves. Many of them have started to give permission to do so,though.

Just now certain fairly old armor mods are being ported over on the Nexus despite it mostly just requiring a bit of nif optimization and updating of esp files (or a rebuild in some cases as I had to do myself with SOS Protective Gears since the old one was uncooperative with SE to say the least) on account of no one thinking to ask until recently.

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