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Buy sims 4 few questions

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It all depends on what you enjoy really. Look over what they offer and see if you would enjoy that content.


A quick rundown of the major ones:


Get To Work & Get Famous - Playable careers. You actually go to work and do the work there, instead of just disappearing and having time fly by. You'll have objectives to complete that are work related and such. Doctor, Detective (cop), Scientist, and Actor/Actress (Celebrity). You can also buy a retail store and run it as well, which is rather fun too. Hire your employees, promote/demote, fire, raise, restock your supplies and such. It's a nice side thing to do.


Cats & Dogs - Pets. Not like Sims 3 where you can also have horses and other animals, this is just cats and dogs. But they are well made, have fun interactions, and are fun to have around. You can't physically play them as a Sim though, you can only interact with them. Though there is mods that let you actually play them I believe. On that note, they released a companion stuff pack to go with it called My First Pet Stuff that gives you more toys and furniture and such, as well as hamsters if you don't want a cat or dog.


Seasons - Pretty much what it says. It introduces Seasons to the game. Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall, and everything in between. Storms and such happen and just gives the game a better feeling overall with weather effects.


Vampires - Adds vampires to the game. Unlike Sims 3 which was Supernatural and gave you Witches, Fairies, Vampires, and all sorts of stuff, this is just Vampires. But they are really well done here compared to previous games. You get two different versions of your Sim, regular and vampire form. All sorts of fun interactions and spells/powers.


Jungle Adventure - Explore the jungle. If you like Archaeology and such, this is an awesome pack to get. Explore ruins and stuff, excavate for treasure, mini dungeons, and all sorts of fun stuff. I became friends with a skeleton! Plus I like unearthing artifacts and working on the Archaeology bench. They make fun decorations that you can literally call your own.


Dine Out - Like Get To Work, you can buy a restaurant and run a restaurant business. Pretty fun and all the same as above. Hire your own staff, experiment with new foods, run a restaurant basically lol.



Those are the major ones that add some interesting gameplay elements to Sims 4. The others aren't bad though, just side things that add more clothing or furniture or other cosmetic stuff with a few new interaction items. These are the main ones though that make a big difference and hope that's enough to give you an idea of what you might be looking for. Like I said, it's up to you to decide what is worth it and what is not. What someone might enjoy, might not be what you enjoy.


So check those out, or even head to the wiki for Sims 4 as it has all the expansions and packs listed and gives you a quick run down of them all. Gives you a nice idea of what they entail to help you decide what is right for you, and then worry about the others later down the road.


Hope that helps! :)

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