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Question about NiOverride Pose Adjustment


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Hell all


Firstly I wish to "warn" you that I am just a noob. So if my question is too lame for you just ignore this. I downloaded NiOPA but I am not sure if I should have installed all 3 files. One is SE 7 loose version and the other is Objects. I only installed the SE 7(non loose). Now this only works if I start the game via skse64 loader otherwise I get an error about using a 0.0.0 soemthing SKSE version. I tried posing one of the NPCs, dead bandit, and it seems to work fine. BUT i can;t seem to pose NPCs knee. No matter what I choose: calf or knee the only thing that will be posed is the NPC;s foot. And this is what I would like to resolve because I have no idea why the foot gets posed when I click Knee or Calf. I apologize if this issue has been discussed before. I did not have the time to search all stuff here.

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